I'm not really sure who this post is for. It's a mixture of my thoughts, hopes, dreams, ambitions and current goals. I guess this is a bit of some shop talk about what I'm up to but also what's on my mind? I don't really know honestly.

For anyone who has spent more than 30 seconds with me will generally know that I spend most of my time lost in code. When done right, it solves problems and makes everyone happy. Realistically speaking though, there's always a catch. Those catches, corner cuts and straight-up lack of care drives me nuts. Unfortunately I need to accept that reality for my current endeavour. Paquette Parts.

Who will build it?

Me. Just me. That's the plan for now at least.

What is it?

Plain and simple, it's supposed to be a general availability listing for every part, of every vehicle, that has ever physically existed. This ideally would encompass concept cars and production vehicles alike.

Where will it be available?

Worldwide. I wont have the capacity to start doing region-based features for a long time. A/B testing and feature flags will be how I slowly deploy experimental features. If possible this would be the only time things are region restricted.

When will it be made?

I actually have a stable foundation already. I am writing the documentation first. Once the documentation is done enough to describe each critical part of the application, I will then start building out the feature as described. I estimate that writing the full user stories won't be more than 3-4 weeks (from tomorrow onward).

Why make it?

After 4 years of passive planning, I've pieced together a blueprint that I feel covers a majority of problems in the auto industry for everyone who would interact with my imagined product. Mechanics, Vehicle owners, Fabricators & Manufacturers. Once I produce a minimum viable product (MVP) and test out the market enough, I want to start prioritizing the features.

This is an extremely high-level overview, I'd like to do a deeper dive of my thoughts on topics of interest in the near future.