Hello! Welcome to my blog. I'm humbled that you stopped by and even more flattered that you wanted to learn more about it. This is a shared effort between my girlfriend Jaimie and I.

We're natural travelers. We absolutely love our home country of Canada, but can't ignore the fact that we want to experience the world. We travel together, make content together, and work between having fun. Not the other way around. To make this page easier on both of us, instead of writing about ourselves, we've written about each other.

Austin's take on Jaimie

Jaimie is a lover, not a fighter. Her caring personality is a blessing no matter how you slice it. She's an incredible chef, an always-inspired creative and a girl who's still on her road of self-discovery. She's easy to love, hard to stay mad at and an all around great human.

As a team, we've empowered each other to jump head first at the things we want, even if it scares us. This blog is a very small snapshot of our adventure together and how much fun she is; All the time.

She has the best smile and my favourite laugh. She inspires me every day and I would trust her with my life and never think twice about it. Everyone that meets her makes me promise to never let her go and I am glad that we met.

She's my ultimate travel buddy and I can't wait to mark up the map with her beside me every step along the way.

Jaimie's take on Austin

If I could describe Austin in one sentence it would be: A hot as fuck, nerd. He's a city boy at heart with a bit of country in his bones. His eyes light up when you talk about music, tech, hockey or travelling. A nerd by day and a jock by night. He's easy to love, hard to stay mad at and just an all around great human.

Austin surprises me every single day with his big heart and even bigger mindset. He pushes me everyday to be the best version of myself and to push for both of our goals and dreams. Despite his unbelievable sarcasm and unique humor that sometimes still takes me off guard, he's the most understanding and gental person I've ever met.

Austin and I are complete opposites in most ways and I think thats why we work so well. Our adventures are never dull and we always make the best out of every situation thats brought our way. When I see him smile and laugh, I see the future. It's been a wild ride to get to where we are today and I'm forever thankful for him, our past, present and future.

He's my best friend, lover, personal pillow, and the ultimate travel buddy. I can't wait to have all of you follow our adventures through life together starting from this very moment.